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Information on Credit Card Orders


Conundrum Records understands our customers' concerns for buying items over the internet. Keeping that in mind, we want to inform you how our e-commerce store is being managed.

After months of research Conundrum Records has partnered with a company called CC Now. They are a full service credit card processing company. CC Now has the most up to date software for e-commerce security. We are confident that CC Now will process your credit card information with the utmost privacy and security.

Why? Because that is what they do. That is all they do. Conundrum Records never sees your credit card number. CC Now processes your card and sends us an e-mail telling us where to ship. We ship it off to you. It is that easy. It is important to note that on your credit card bill there will be a charge from CC Now not Conundrum Records for the amount of your purchase.

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